Nail Trend Ideas to Bring in the New Year

It’s that time of the year where everything is sparkly, shiny and just…POPPIN!

PBG has put together TEN nail trends that can be worn to bring in the New Year that are sure to make you the life of the party!

#10 One of our new FAVORITES here at PBG is the DIAMOND NAIL! It is the perfect nail to rock on New Year’s Eve and is sure to make you stand out in the crowd! Couple it with the classics, black and silver glitter…who can resist?!? Plus, we all know how the saying goes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Black and Silver Glitter and Diamond

#9 For the ladies who like subtle elegance but still want to be “blinged out,” These nails are for you…NUDE & BLING! They are the perfect shade of nude that will compliment any outfit. The matte finish is the perfect touch and allows the crystals to pop.

Nude and Bling

#8 The next trend has stolen my heart and has been a client favorite since 2016, which makes it PERFECT to carry over into 2018, right? In fact, it’s so great that I had to list it twice…ROSE GOLD! The metallic finish is completely AMAZING and never gets old (I mean who comes up with this stuff?)

Rose Gold Chrome

#7 In this pic the rose gold is paired with a neutral rose-nude color that is just as exquisite!

Rose Gold and Nude

#6 When this trend first came along–probably around the same time as the rose gold—I almost had to ban my clients from requesting it…Holographic Ombre! Now, holographic nails in any form are great…but there’s just something about the ombre fade that SCREAMS, “I GOTTA HAVE IT!” It’s New Year’s Eve and YES you absolutely MUST have it!

Ombre Holo

#5 Speaking of ombre, what’s the next best thing to ombre holo on New Year’s Eve…wait for it…OMBRE GLITTER! I’m not sure there is a woman who exists that does not smile, just a little and get that twinkle in her eye when she sees a glitter nail! I mean I think the love for glitter ranges on a scale from 1 to 10. One being the smile/twinkle and ten being utter hysteria at the potential of that kind of love being on your nails and the envy of every other woman who doesn’t have it. NO…just me…?

Ombre Glitter

#4 The next four trends are classics that have stood the test of time and ALWAYS make an appearance on New Year’s Eve…BLACK, GOLD, and GLITTER! Whether paired together or on their own, these trends are New Year’s Eve looks with which you can’t go wrong!

Glitter Ombre and Mylar

#3 Gold Chrome, Gold Glitter, and Rhinestones

Gold Chrome and Glitter

#2 A combination of black and gold. Almost like the perfect “LBD” except for your nails!

Black and Gold

#1 YES, I KNOW…it’s the diamond nail again and I WILL NOT apologize for it! I said it was the new favorite trend here at PBG and I meant it! *Hint*

Black and Silver Diamond

Of course the trends listed can be worn anytime of the year however what better time than bringing in the NEW YEAR? Whether it’s “simple and chic” or “razzle and dazzle,” you can’t go wrong!

Let us know which trend you liked the most!


*All the photos used, except #6, are not the work of PBG Salon and Spa. The technicians IG names can be found in the pics*